Rosh Hashanah: A wonderful start to the new year 5777

We had a wonderful community gathering for the annual SJC Rosh Hashanah ceremony. Such an event does not simply happen but is made, while the date arrives whether we acknowledge it or not, to acknowledge it is to engage with it. And we engaged wonderfully. We are a volunteer community and it makes the success of Rosh Hashanah all the more sweet for the combined effort of each contributing person.

Sincere thanks go to our ceremony leader and SJC Board Member, Jeff Treistman, who deftly walked us through the ceremony and into the new year with thoughtfulness and humor. Beautiful vocal and cello music and member-provided flowers enhanced the warmth of the ceremony.

SJC’s Chair and Board provided a lot of insight and hands-on work. Many thanks go to the registration team who ensured that the sign-in process was efficiently and expeditiously handled, while attendees were warmly greeted with opportunities for catching up, new introductions, and conversation. Thanks to all who provided the delectable food items which we all eagerly enjoyed after the ceremony, and to our volunteers who beautifully arranged the food and flowers.

Kudos to the Shalom Sunday School Gimel class, the b’nei mitzvah students, and their families, who helped with all of the important setup and other important tasks. And a big shout-out to the cleanup team who returned the Sanctuary to its default configuration, and to the generous folks who stayed late to clean up the Social Hall and wash the dishes.

We also collected a nice volume of donations for the SJC food drive – thank you to all!

Thank you and may this new year of 5777 be one of health and happiness for us all.


Shmuel, your Jewish Activities Manager

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