With this secure webpage you can make your Membership dues and Sunday School payment(s).

How much do I pay?

The 2016-2017 membership dues and tuition amounts are:

Annual Membership Dues: 1 adult $425, 2 adults $700
School Tuition Keff (pre-k): $350
School Tuition Gan/Aleph/Bet/Gimel (K-6): $750
School Tuition Gimel – 2nd year Student : $995
If you register more than one child, your oldest child pays the regular tuition. Your other children receive a 20% discount on their tuition.

How do I pay?

  • Payment can be made quarterly, monthly, or a one-time annual total payment.
  • Check: mail check(s) to PMB 367 117 East Louisa Street Seattle, WA 98102.
  • Online bill pay: arrange payment(s) through your bank website; the bank mails SJC a check.
  • SJC webpage: below, select your dues and tuition levels, then pay by card.

After your payment is submitted you will receive a confirmation email as your receipt. Our website ensures that your payment is private and secure. For more information on the security of this website click here.

If you have not already completed your 2016-17 membership registration, click here to register.

Monthly payments are calculated based on 10 monthly payments. For example, a total bill of $1400 would be $140 a month for ten months beginning with the month the first payment is made.


For payment assistance or other questions please contact our Membership Chair at: Email:;  Phone: (206) 528-1944

Instructions for Making a Payment on This Page

  1. Select your dues (one or two adults) by selecting a single, quarterly, or monthly payment option. Click the ADD button. For tuition, select if you are paying for a single or oldest child, then click ADD. Your second or younger child will receive the 20% discount when you select that option.
  1. To pay by card or bank transfer, check “One Time” or “Recurring”. When you check one of these buttons, a space for your card or bank information will appear. These buttons are below the name and email information.

Alternative Payment. If you have made an alternative payment arrangement with the Membership Chair, select Alternative Payment and enter increments of $10 that equal the total arranged payment. When you click the ADD button, a row appears with the “+” and “-” buttons, showing 1 increment of $10. Click the “+” button to add increments of $10 until you see the total of the arranged payment.