Joining the Secular Jewish Circle is EASY! Just use our quick online membership form below. With this secure webpage you can join, renew your membership, and register for Shalom Sunday School.

Membership dues and Shalom Sunday School tuition rates are listed on the payment webpage.

Follow this link for information about our Shalom Sunday School.

The 2016-2017 membership dues and tuition amounts are:

Annual Membership Dues: 1 adult $425, 2 adults $700
School Tuition Keff (pre-k): $350
School Tuition Gan/Aleph/Bet/Gimel (K-6): $750
School Tuition Gimel – 2nd year Student : $995
If you register more than one child, your oldest child pays the regular tuition. Your other children receive a 20% discount on their tuition.

How do I sign up?

Follow these two easy steps to complete your 2016-17 membership:

  1. Complete the membership and school registration forms on this page.
  2. Make your dues and tuition payments by clicking the link to the payment webpage.

Be sure to scroll down to the Membership page below. Below that is the Shalom Sunday School form.

Your personal information is private and secure. For more information on the security of this website click here.


For questions about membership, payment, or the School, please contact us:
Phone: (206) 528-1944

Membership Form

Shalom Sunday School Form


*Note: both of the Google forms and the iATS payment portal are HTTPS (secure sites) and they are only embedded items on our site (not actually being hosted by our site) they retain their security. When you enter your information into the Membership or School Enrollment form you are entering that information directly into a secure form and when you submit that form it is securely submitted. This is the same for the payment portal which also, as an additional step, provides fraud protection.