Food Bank Donations

At each event for which we gather there is a collection point for items to be donated to the Jewish Family Services Food Bank. At our usual Shabbat location, people can place food bank donations on the right side of the entrance hallway. In other event locations, a donation drop-off point will be indicated by signs.

More than just food is needed, here are “10 Things Needed That Might Surprise You”:

All sorts of non-perishable food is always welcome, especially kosher food. When donating non-perishable food, do be respectful of the food bank’s clients by not donating any food that has passed the “best by” or “use by” date marked on the container.

How can you help? Excellent question! We need ongoing help with picking up food bank donations at the end of each event and carrying them to the vehicle of the person who has volunteered to take them to JFS. We also need volunteers to be that person who takes the donations to the JFS. It would be helpful to have one or two persons willing to serve as in this capacity, and as backups for each other and current volunteers, for this important task.

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